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The New Yorker’s ‘Broken Windows’ Cover Perfectly Sums Up Trump’s Presidency. The magazine totally nailed it with its latest cover

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PBGC uses immediate and deferred interest rates to determine the amount of lump sum benefits paid under its trusteed plans.

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6 is the largest of the four all-Harshad numbers. A six-sided polygon is a hexagon, one of the three regular polygons capable of tiling the plane.

Continued. Eventually, the city condemned the house. Then they bulldozed it. James was 5. For the next three years, James and his mother moved 12 times.

Image: Thinkstock Losing weight sometimes takes experimentation. If you give a diet your best shot and it doesn’t work long term, maybe it wasn’t the right…

Elagabalus was born around the year 203 to Sextus Varius Marcellus and Julia Soaemias Bassiana. His man was initially a member of the Equites class, but was later

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How to protect your s from philes, from having that first talk to recognizing signs of sexual

Britain is unique in Europe in that it has no Statute of Limitations for serious sexual crimes. This means that someone can be arrested, charged and convicted for a

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The Federal Government announced more than 9000 colleges would be better off while 24 would have Australian college funding cuts. Parents can calculate it.

In recent months, Europe has looked on with horror at the deaths of thousands of people in the Mediterranean as they drowned trying to make their way from the Middle

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